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US Ranks at the Bottom of Healthiest Wealthy Nations

As a developed nation, the US works to counteract many health problems that surround us. But for all of our effort, the US population ranks near the bottom for life expectancy, obesity and diabetes, chronic lung diseases, heart disease and more in comparison to 16 other wealthy nations. A new study out compared the health of 17 wealthy nation’s populations. Out of these developed nations, the United States ranked 17th for the life expectancy of men and 16th for the life expectancy of women, ranking lower than Finland, Germany, Portugal, and Denmark. In addition to ranking low in the life expectancy category, the United States is also left toward the bottom of the list in terms of low birth weight, injuries and homicides, drug-related deaths, STDs, teen pregnancies, and other general disabilities. Sadly, the United States is the bottom of the list when it comes to infant mortality, being the most affluent country with the highest infant death rate in the world. Considering the amount that this country spends on healthcare and what it is looking to spend in the upcoming few decades, the results of the study are disheartening to say the least. Health experts acknowledge that many Americans work hard to keep their health in check and not become a statistic, but they too are looking at a shorter average life-expectancy compared to a person from another nation doing all of the same things right. In addition, health experts stress that many of the problems plaguing today’s adults are due to improper health and wellness as a child. The study looked at demographic hurdles including income and race. While there have been many studies done highlighting the lack of proper health and nutrition in black communities compared to white communities, this study shows that even “healthy” white communities are still falling incredibly short of keeping up with similar white communities in other nations. Not all is lost though; the US is a leader among other nations in our management of high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and declining cancer rates. Adjustments to our healthcare system as well as our nation’s way of life and health choices must be made. Simply put, by trimming away junk and unhealthy habits, there is room to replace them with healthy options and initiatives. These options and initiatives can add years onto our lives and boost the United States into the top half of the world’s healthiest wealthy nations. Sources: USA Today - Health & Wellness - WebMD - The Wall Street Journal - Business - Health -
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