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Vitamin D and Obesity

Vitamin D deficiencies are a large concern in the health world and are usually brought on by lack of sunlight exposure or overuse of sunscreens. However, a new study has found a correlation to Vitamin D deficiencies and obesity. Both Vitamin D deficiency and obesity are alarming health problems that inflict many people. This nutrient helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphates into the intestines. Vitamin D is naturally made and stored by the body, with the help of some environmental factors. A new study identified Vitamin D deficiencies in obese and overweight people. These patients generally utilize a Vitamin D supplement to off-set osteoporosis, a side effect of being overweight. Obese and overweight people continue to make Vitamin D in their systems and can store it in large quantities, but its delivery into the body is often in very small amounts. The study did not identify that a Vitamin D deficiency causes obesity, that it could be reversed by taking Vitamin D supplements, or that supplements will boost weight-loss goals, but taking a supplement can help off-set other health problems related to obesity and the deficiency itself. It is also a great tool to help support the immune system.   Sources: BBC News - Health - Counsel & Heal - Science News -
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