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Foot Health Awareness Month

In honor of Foot Health Awareness Month, Orthaheel and Dr. Weil Integrative Footwear, have joined together to create the Walkabout campaign. The Walkabout campaign asks participants to agree to walk 30 minutes a day to attain physical and emotional health and wellbeing. The campaign lasts 28 days, starting April 3, and participants will receive bi-weekly email encouragement, foot care tips and the chance to win prizes.

The Walkabout campaign encourages Americans to get out and walk to or from work, take a leisurely stroll down your local path, talk the dog to the park or getting together with friends to walk and chat. Research shows that walking for just thirty minutes a day can help manage weight, lower blood pressure and improve circulation, all of which can prevent chronic health problems, like obesity and diabetes. Even though it’s too late to sign up as a participant, you can take it upon yourself to get healthy and walk for 30 minutes a day. If you need encouragement, get a group of friends together to walk with you and keep encouraging you to get healthy!

While you’re doing your 30 minute walk-a-day here are some tips on keeping your feet pain and problem free:

Wash regularly and use lukewarm, mild soapy solution to wash your feet and dry them with a clean towel.

Make sure your toes are dry too! When you are drying your feet, make sure to dry in between your toes to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. Scrub your feet regularly, especially your heels, because it removes unwanted dead skin cells. After soaking feet in warm water, use a pumice stone or foot file to smooth calluses and rough patches. Trim your toenails once a week and always cut the nails straight across to eliminate the chance of ingrown toe nails forming. Moisturize with deep penetrating properties to help keep the skin agile and the soles soft. Stretch to keep your blood circulating by taking the time to periodically point and flex your toes. Also stretch your calves, this will help keep the Achilles tendons and plantar fascia from tightening.


Keep your feet healthy and celebrate Foot Health Awareness Month by taking the time to walk 30 minutes a day, all while taking the necessary steps to make your feet the healthiest they’ve ever been! Good luck and get walkin’!

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