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Surviving Memorial Day Weekend Without Gaining Weight

Many people struggle with weight loss all year ‘round, but Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of beach body and BBQ season, so if you’re dieting you may be worrying about falling off the wagon over the next few days. If the nice weather tends to trip you up, here are a few ways for you to make it to Tuesday without feeling like you shouldn’t eat for a few days to make up for the mess.

Bring a healthy filler. Most cookout menus have a wide variety of splurge items, but often lack healthy stuff, like veggies. If there are no healthy options you are going to fill up on the unhealthy things like potato chips and potato salad. If you are hosting the BBQ, make sure to have plenty of appetizers and side dishes made from water-rich veggies. If you are a guest, bring a healthy platter to share. Some great options are vinegar-based slaw, veggie kabobs to cook on the grill, chilled tomato cucumber salad, or just some simple raw vegetables with hummus for dipping. Pick just one starch. The day after the holiday when you feel bloated and your jeans fit a little tighter, carbs are usually to blame. To keep this from happening you can make some easy compromises. If you are a big fan of macaroni salad or grilled corn on the cob, make room. Eat a turkey burger wrapped in crisp romaine leaves instead of using a bun. If you are really into desserts, like those cupcakes decorated to look like the American flag, eat veggies and protein as your meal and eliminate the starch. Boost your activity. Anyone with weight issues knows that it is much easier to put on weight than to take it off. To keep that weight from coming back balance it out with some outside activity. Start up a badminton game, an hour of playing will burn 300 calories, a game of Frisbee will burn 200 and a brisk walk around the block with the kids will burn about 350. Instead of sitting and chatting with friends, stand up, it will help burn 50% more calories per hour. Rethink the drink. Alcohol stimulates the appetite, so it will drive you to eat food that you probably wouldn’t eat sober. A 100 calorie shot of tequila quickly becomes a 500 calorie margarita once its mixed up with the sugary mixture, so instead of drinking up all those unwanted calories, a 12 ounce bottle of light beer measures up to just 105 calories. Choose a drink that will help you take in less alcohol, like a wine spritzer, over a large glass of wine. Rely on water. Staying hydrated is important, especially if you’re going to have an alcoholic beverage or two, but it’s also good for weight control. If you drink two cups of water before a meal you are likely inclined to eat less. Water helps to curb hunger, but if you aren’t a huge fan of water it might help to add a generous squeeze of lemon for a little extra flavor. A quarter cup of freshly squeezed juice provides about 50% of the vitamin C you need for your daily value, and this nutrient has been shows to boost fat burning during both exercise and rest!
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