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Motivation for National Running Day

Happy National Running day to all you seasoned and not-so-seasoned runners out there! Today, let’s talk about getting and staying motivated to get out there on National Running Day. Here are the top 10 Tips to help you improve your run while staying motivated.

1. Be up for and accept the challenge…

Whether you are already a runner or just starting out, face the challenge of a run!

2. …even if it’s a quickie

If 10 or 15 minutes is all you have for a run, run for that 10 or 15 minutes! Doing 15 minutes of running is better than doing nothing at all. 3. Splurge on good running shoes

Even if you spend $60 or more, a good pair of running shoes will last 400 to 500 miles - basically paying for themselves.

4. Warm up and stretch your muscles

Try some light jogging or walking before you stretch. This will help your muscles perform better because you are already warmed up.

5. Relax! It’s just running!

Don’t clench your jaw, don’t bunch or hunch your shoulders, and don’t clench your fists! Shake out those hands and arms to help stay loose and relaxed.

6. Easy does it

If you’re not a seasoned runner - or even if you are - day to day consistency is always more important than going the distance. That way you’re not too tired the next day for another run!

7. Spice it up

After you have reached your mileage goal, try adding some hills, pacework and even a race strategy to your routine to push yourself and stay motivated.

8. Learn from your mistakes

If you are going too hard, you will burn yourself and your body out. Take it slow to start and build up the momentum. After all, nothing happens overnight.

9. Have fun!

Running doesn’t have to be tedious and boring! Get off that treadmill and get outside and enjoy the scenery, or play some of your favorite tunes on your run!

10. Take a few for yourself

After a run, don’t try to jump back in to daily life. After a run, you deserve to take a few minutes for yourself to walk it out, stretch, relax or meditate!

Keep these tips and tricks in mind during your next run to help improve and stay motivated! Running might be a pain in the butt sometimes, but at least it will give you a nice one!

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