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Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Oh the joys of summer! Barbeques, picnics, camping, there are just endless possibilities for you and your family during the warm weather months ahead! Some of those great summer activities may last long after the sun has gone down … and then you always have that person in the group who says:  “Whose got the bug spray?” Unfortunately, mosquitoes are here to crash your summer party but we have a few tips to help keep you and your families bite free this summer!

Keep a floor fan on your deck or porch: If you place the fans facing the position where you and your guests tend to be, the breeze will keep the mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes are actually weak flyers and with the fans breeze they will not be able to navigate through it to you and your guests. Dress in light colored, loose-fitting clothes: Close-weave clothing is best when preventing mosquito bites, but for those chilly nights, layered loose-weave works just as well. Apply the DEET: DEET tends to be the Rolls Royce of bug spray to most researchers. It is the most effective for repelling those pesky biting bugs. Don’t like DEET? There are a variety of DEET-free bug sprays available that work just as well. Not a fan of bug spray? Try wearing an anti-mosquito bracelet! Set mosquito traps: There are devices that are made to trap and kill quite a measurable amount of mosquitoes. Hang or set one near where you and your guests plan to be.


If you do find yourself a sweet treat to the mosquitoes this summer, don’t forget to grab some sting relief spray or pack some sting relief wipes in your pocket to help relieve any residual pain or itch from the bite. Prevent mosquito bites from ruining your camping trip or cook out this year!

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