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A Beard and its Benefits

A new study has found that growing and keeping a bearded scruff may actually be the key to keeping you younger-looking, naturally moisturized and cancer-free! Take a break from your razor this summer and cut down on your morning routine by trying out a beard!

Here are five doctor-approved reasons to put down your razor and grow that beard:


1. Sun Protection

Four out of five men report and first notice signs of aging on their face, neck and head and the sun is to thank for up to 90 percent of visible signs of aging. But with a beard, you can block out 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which can play a huge role in preventing aging and skin cancer. Plus, you can cut down on the sunscreen!

2. Blemish Free Skin

Razor rash and acne can be a result of shaving and razors that irritate the skin or even spread bacteria, causing an infection of the hair follicles. Growing a beard won’t only hide the blemishes, it will actually prevent them! Saves on those acne cleansers huh?

3. Natural Moisture

Having a thick beard not only prevents you from rubbing the natural oils off your face, but it also protects the face from wind exposure which can cause redness and dryness (especially during those cold winter months!).

4. Trap Allergens

Did you know that your nose hairs trap allergens? Well, in addition to what you see, nose hairs trap pollutants that could actually cause you harm. The more hair you have under your airways (aka the bigger your beard) the more pollutants you’re trapping throughout the day!

5. Dude Factor

If all of the above sounds great but pure masculinity is what you’re going for, let that beard hang low. Put down the razor for 10 days and watch ladies flock! A new study has found that skipping the razor for exactly ten days is the length of the beard that women find most attractive.

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