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4 Ways to Outsmart your Allergies

Surprisingly, there are other ways to deal with your allergies other than just popping a Claritin! Even though that may work just fine, here are 4 ways to keep you outside, active and virtually symptom free.

1. Revamp your exercise plan

When you’re exercising, you tend to breathe harder and suck in more air than when you’re sitting in front of the TV. The more air you inhale, the more airborne pollen and mold spores you inhale. When your allergies are really acting up, try to take your workout indoors.

2. Keep an eye out for nonseasonal allergies

The more allergens you are exposed to at a time, the higher your allergenic load and the worse your symptoms.

If you tend to be allergic to cats and dust mites and pollen and mold, visiting a cat-owning friend can push your allergenic load to the brink making it virtually unbearable. Follow these tips to help limit your exposure to these top allergy offenders:

Dust Mites: Try covering your floors with washable throw rugs instead of carpets. Carpets, blankets, down comforters and curtains are a favorite sport for mite habitats. Wash your rugs, bedding and curtains more often during allergy season and get  zippered, allergy-proof covers for your mattress and pillows. There are even sprays, like Pronto Plus Household Spray, that get rid of dust mites.
Dog & cat dander: If and when pet owners come to visit, be sure to vacuum couches or chairs they have used after they leave. Their clothes could carry their beloved pet’s dander which can spread around your home causing allergies to worsen.
Indoor mold: Wash floor mats, like those in the kitchen and bathroom, often. Keep houseplants to a minimum. Try to dehumidify your basement and use exhaust fans in other areas prone to dampness and mold.

3. Give yourself a good scrub

Showering more often - even a couple times a day - can keep allergies at bay.

While you’re outside, pollen and mold spores can stick to your hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and even your skin. To give those stubborn allergies the boot and minimize your exposure, wash your hands, rinse your face and shower before bed or right away after you’ve done yard work.

And the same goes for your pet - even if you’re not allergic to your dog, he can be become an allergy magnet after running around outdoors. Brush off his fur before you give him free reign of the house again.

4. Call the Doc

Over the counter meds like antihistamines and decongestants can significantly relieve systems. But if your nose is still running, it may be time for an upgrade. If your nose is constantly running and congested ask your doctor about a steroid nasal spray.


Mountainside Medical offers a wide variety of allergy relief products at low prices to help make the allergy season more bearable - and affordable! - for you and your family. Check them out today!

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