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How To Protect Yourself From Insect Stings and Bites

With summer finally in full swing, you and your family could be at risk for a sting! Yes, some insect stings and bites are an itchy nuisance, but others can have painful and even deadly consequences. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from these summer bugs and the diseases they could be carrying!

Ticks: These little creatures can carry and spread Lyme disease - a bacterial infection that can have lasting effects on the joints, heart and nervous system. They may also carry what is called the heartland virus, which causes flu like symptoms such as high fever, diarrhea, fatigue and a severe drop in white blood cells. If not treated quickly, the heartland virus has proven itself deadly.

How to protect yourself: Ensure protection for you and your whole family with Mountainside Medical’s unique 10 hour insect repellent, specially designed to repel against ticks and mosquitoes. This spray is also sweat proof for even the most active people.

Africanized Killer Bees: These bees are starting to become a problem in warmer states, such as California, Texas and Florida. These bees have been proven to be extremely aggressive and can often have nests hidden underground or in a rotting log. If attacked, RUN! If you can’t find shelter, keep running. Cover your face and eyes and don’t swat at them, since it just makes them angrier! Don’t jump into a pool either, they will hover over the surface and wait out your oxygen supply.

How to protect yourself: If you ever experience the unfortunate event of getting stung by one of these little beasts, Mountainside Medical offers Sting Kill Anesthetic Pain Swabs which are disposable topical swabs used to relieve pain and itching caused by a bee sting. These great little swabs offer fast relief and reduced irritation from even the angriest little bee.

Fire Ants: Experts say that their numbers are exploding due to the warming temperatures and because most predators fear them. These little ants attack as a group anytime someone wanders a little too close to the nest. Each one of these fiery little pests swarms their victims, gets a grip on the skin and then repeatedly administers painful, blistering stings in a circular pattern.

How to protect yourself: Hopefully you will never have to experience such an insect bite, but if you do, Mountainside Medical offers Dermoplast spray. Strong enough for even the worst insect bite, this spray relieves pain and irritation with easy “no-touch” spray-on application.

Yellow Jackets: If you see a cloud of insects hovering over a hole in the lawn or a hollow tree, proceed with extreme caution - especially if these insects are sleek and shiny. This means the hovering insects are yellow jackets. If you ever encounter a yellow jacket while gardening or mowing the lawn, run away fast! Yellow jackets will follow you, but not for very long (unlike the bees mentioned above…).

How to protect yourself: If you do ever find yourself or a loved one stung by a yellow jacket, Mountainside Medical offers Safetec Sting Relief Mini Wipes. These convenient, individually wrapped wipes relieve the pain and itching caused by a bee sting fast to help get you on your way to enjoying the rest of your day!

There is no sense fearing these little beast insects. Why should we stay indoors all summer? Get out there and enjoy the sunshine safely with a little aftercare help from Mountainside Medical in your back pocket.

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