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Serious Dangers of Texting and Walking

Watch where you're going!

Recently, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System revealed that in 2010 alone, there were 1506 emergency room injuries from people texting or talking while walking! Back in the day (2004) there were only 559 phone-related injuries, however, the increase in injuries is probably linked to the increased use of smart phones and other gadgets.

Two thirds of the reported injuries between 2004 and 2010 happened to those under the age of 25. More and more kids and teenagers have their own cell phones and other high tech devices. Could you imagine having to implement the phrase “hang up your phone and look both ways before you cross the street” in early childhood education?

Yes, we have all seen them - the television campaigns about the awful dangers of texting and driving -but the number of injuries from walking has now surpassed those driving accidents in 2010. This new report directly points out that the cause isn’t actually the cell phones themselves, but the lack of awareness of what’s going on around the cell phone user - they’re looking down, unfocused and distracted. And now - just like everything else - there’s an app for that! CrashAlert is a smart phone app that uses the camera to let you know if there is an upcoming obstacle in your path. What will they think of next?!

Friends don’t let friend’s text and drive right? But what about texting and walking? Next time your friend is texting or talking while on their phone, remind them of this article and to look both ways.



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