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Yoga Found to Help Workplace Stress & Back Pain

Is work getting you down? If you’re feeling stressed and physically exhausted, check this out:  a new study done in the United Kingdom suggests that yoga can be done at work to greatly reduce day to day stress levels as well as lower back pain!

This new study involved 74 British government workers, ages 25 to 64, who said they experienced stress and back pain while on the job. Participants were randomly assigned to practice either 8 weeks of yoga (a 50 min class once a week either on lunch or after work) or no yoga at all.

At the end of the study, only 4 out of the 10 participants in the yoga group reported back pain. Plus, participants in the yoga group not only reported less back pain, but also lower levels of stress, more energy and more positive feelings overall!

Other benefits of yoga include:

- Longer and better sleep - Confidence - Toning - A sense of calm - Improved respiration - Weight reduction - A more balanced metabolism

This study suggests that integrating yoga into the workplace during lunchtime or after work could provide a very practical method for reducing the sometimes costly effects of stress and back pain.

Instead of looking to purchase a new chair for work, start browsing our online site for all things yoga! From mats to exercise balls, Mountainside Medical is happy to offer supplies for yoga and back rehabilitation kits at a great low price.

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