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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Fall Prevention In Your Home

Each year thousands of older Americans fall in their home. As we age, our muscles tend to weaken, we suffer from impaired vision and limited dexterity. Also, falls can sometimes be caused by hazards around the home that are easily overlooked, but actually pretty easy to fix.

To ensure safety in your home, proper fall prevention precautions should be taken. Here is a list of tips to help you and your loved ones feel safe at home:

1. Stairways should have rails on both sides

Have handrails professionally installed so you know they are firmly attached to the wall. In addition to handrails, ensure that your stairways are well lit and clear of random objects.

2. Remove trip hazards from walkways

Tripping hazards could include throw rugs, furniture and clutter such as children’s toys, shoes or any other objects that could be left lying around.

3. Use non-skid rugs to prevent falls in the bathroom

The most dangerous room in the home is usually the bathroom. Bathrooms usually have a lot of sharp corners and hard surfaces, so falling in such a dangerous room can result in some pretty life-threatening injuries. Take action to strengthen your footing in the bathroom to prevent a fall.

4.Use a shower chair or transfer bench when getting in and out of the tub

Here at Mountainside Medical, we offer a wide variety of styles of transfer benches and shower chairs. Each of our chairs has special individual features to fit a variety of needs. Plus, most are easy to put together and use for a simple fix to prevent bathtub falls.

5. Install grab bars near the toilet, bathtub and shower to prevent falls

Grab bars can make an attractive addition to virtually any bathroom and can be installed anywhere for a little added stability around the home for people of all ages.

6. Illuminate your bedroom

Try putting your lamp close to the bed so it is easier to reach when getting in and out of bed. Also, use a night light to help you see while you are walking between the bedroom and the bathroom, as well as other areas around your home.

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