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Mountainside Medical Stands Against Conflict Material Sourcing

Mountainside Medical’s Commitment to Conflict Free Sourcing

We here at Mountainside Medical have extensively worked with our suppliers, many of whom are multinational companies, to make sure that products we receive are not being sourced from areas that are considered conflict zones. Today, we are proud to announce that all of Mountainside Medical’s products are now free of any conflict source materials.

To help stand against the trade of these minerals and materials, Mountainside Medical has recently began to aggressively take the lead in making sure that all of the materials from the products it carries are ‘conflict source free.’

What Are ‘Conflict Materials?'

Conflict materials are minerals and other natural materials that are mined or harvested from central Africa, and specifically from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by the Congolese National Army and other militia groups in the region. The most commonly mined minerals are cassiterite, coltan, wolframite, tungsten, and gold, these are then extracted from the Eastern Congo and passed through numerous intermediaries before being purchased by multinational electronics companies, and other companies that use these minerals in the production of their devices and products.

Today, this trade is worth an annual several hundred million dollars. This sourcing method is very bad for the region and the world because the more of these minerals these groups extract and sell, the longer the conflicts can be funded and the more violent they become.

At Mountainside Medical we care about supporting a world that does not benefit from or indirectly promote the sale of minerals from places that are inherently unstable or currently in the middle of violent conflict. This goes against our company’s values of promoting peace and cooperation in the communities we operate in, and through the companies we do business with. Through our efforts we hope to encourage other companies at home and abroad in the medical wholesale industry to avoid using these minerals and help put an end to conflict material sourcing once and for all.

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