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Mountainside Remembers 9/11

Twelve years ago today, almost 3,000 people perished when the two famous twin towers burned and collapsed, which triggered an international crisis that is still felt to this day. While America went to war, New Yorkers considered how to refill the empty spot in the famous skyline and in their hearts.

Today, twelve years to the date after the attacks that made September 11, 2001 a date that will live in infamy with Pearl Harbor, the construction of a monster $3.8 billion building is providing a new focus to the area and the day. The attention on this new building is completely justified because of the skyscraper’s high profile on the New York skyline, its massive price tag and it’s symbolism for not just the past, but the future as well. Each milestone in the new building’s rise leading up to its official opening next year serves as an opportunity to reflect on 9/11 each and every day.

“The building is a strong, visible image of our resilience, coming back after this terrible tragedy,” says architect David Childs. Safety first, then symbolism - that’s the message conveyed by this new New York’s One World Trade Center. It can take any blast from a truck bomb or the fiery fury of an airplane. At 1,776 feet in height, this supertower rises high into the New York skyline - higher than the late twin towers that once occupied the very same site.

The One World Trade center is just a single part of the 16 acre complex that is soon to include several other office towers, as well as the National September 11 Monument and Museum. Two square reflecting pools already have been placed in the shadow of the old twin towers and the 9/11 museum that has been built beneath the plaza will preserve the artifacts that evoke the tragedy and heroism of that infamous day.

Today, Mountainside Medical Equipment wanted to take a moment to remember and celebrate those 3,000 that perished, the men and women who are protecting our country from such a catastrophe and most of all, celebrate our nation’s resilience to terror.

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