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Pain Awareness Month

Posted on September 13 2013

September is more than the end to summer and sending the kids back to school, it is also Pain Awareness Month. Pain Awareness Month is a time when organizations and businesses come together to raise public awareness of pain and pain management.

Mountainside Medical would like to encourage all of our valued customers to raise awareness too. How can you raise awareness? Simply get involved! There are many things you can do to help promote Pain Awareness Month such as:

- Discuss with friends and family - Inform your healthcare provider about Pain Awareness Month (maybe they’ll want to do something with/for their patients?) - Take care of yourself and others - Educate others on the benefits of effective pain management - Research easy at-home pain management methods to do yourself or share with others

Whether you or someone you know suffers from acute or chronic pain, it is important to understand that the pain can be debilitating and cause anxiety and even force you to put your life on hold. Chronic pain is ongoing and in some cases can be almost constant - this can make a person more susceptible to psychological distress, such as depression and anxiety which can actually make the pain worse. Think:  mind over matter!

In any case, Mountainside Medical isn’t only here to help raise awareness - we are also here to help! Pain can slow you down but Mountainside Medical is proud to offer products and knowledge for a variety of pain management needs. We offer great products from over-the-counter-pain medication to laser therapy kits, TENS units and everything in between.


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