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What to Pack for Labor and Delivery

Once you hit the 32 week mark in your pregnancy, it seems that the conversations seems to switch from “How are you feeling?” to “Are you packed yet!?” Although you don’t really need much to actually have the baby, if you’re planning a hospital birth there are a few things that you can bring to make your stay a little more pleasant.

Let’s face it, everyone can be an over-packing offender, but when packing your hospital bag, remember that you’re going to have to bring all of your stuff home for you plus things your brand new baby will need - and that’s a lot to carry! Here is a list of some essentials to pack in your overnight bag:

1. Pillow: There’s nothing like having your own pillow…and during labor and recovery comfort will be a priority! Try bringing your own or get a new one just for the occasion. 2. Slippers: Nothing keeps you cozy like a warm pair of slippers. Hospitals tend to have that cool, dry air, so keep your feet warm with a pair of comfy slippers. 3. Socks: Your doctor may have you walk around to help labor progress, so be prepared! Try non-skid socks for some extra protection from those shiny, sometimes treacherous hospital floors. 4. Maxi Pads: Most hospitals supply you with maxi pads but they can be pretty thick and uncomfortable – it might be nice to have a brand you prefer. If hospital pads don’t bother you, by all means, load up before you leave! You’re gonna need them. 5. Toiletries: Don’t forget the toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush, chapstick, hair ties, makeup and any other necessities you would pack for a weekend or overnight trip. People are going to want pictures of you and your new bundle of joy so throw on your face and try to look your best! Plus, it might be nice to feel like you look nice and clean after a hard day of labor. 6. Nipple cream: If you’re planning on breastfeeding, take the Lanolin to ease those sore nipples. It’ll be a rough couple of weeks for your breasts, anything you can do to ease the process will be a godsend. 7. Camera: At some point, the new dad and a slew of visitors are going to want to take photos of you and your little one Have a camera ready so when people are taking their own pictures, you can have them take some for you with your camera too. 8. Big sister or brother gift: If you have older children, consider having a gift that’s from the baby for them to open when they come to visit. Over the next couple of months, getting used to a new baby may be a hard transition for them, so giving your older child/children a gift is a nice way to introduce them to the new addition to the family.

What do you think - did we get all the basics covered? There are probably other items that you would find necessary...share them here! We welcome any other suggestions that may help our readers.

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