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Obesity Linked to Migraines

Many people suffer from migraines. However, if you are overweight and suffering from migraines, this could just be that extra motivation to start losing weight.

According to a new study conducted out of John Hopkins University School of Medicine, obese people are 81 percent more likely to suffer from episodic migraines compared to people of normal weight. During this study, researcher’s surveyed 3,862 people who provided information on their height, weight and frequency of migraines. 1,044 of the respondents were obese and out of that group 188 people said they suffer from occasional or episodic migraines.

After putting those migraine sufferers under an exercise regimen that involved 40-minute sessions three times a week, researchers had found that the number of migraines decreased for those participants who exercised as opposed to those who were put on a drug plan.

In addition to taking the step to lose those extra pounds, there are steps you can take along the way to help prevent your migraines even further. Talk to your doctor about trying any of the following:

- Riboflavin: This form of vitamin B is found in foods like milk, meat, nuts and green vegetables and has been linked to migraine prevention. - Omega 3s: Try supplements such as flax seeds and fish oils to help prevent and control your worst migraines. - Rub your temples: A little facial massage can go a long way! Even though there is no research that proves this is directly linked to helping a migraine - rub away! Do whatever feels good for you. - Meditation: Not only does meditation help relieve stress, meditation has also been found to relieve pain from even the worst migraine.

If you have any other suggestions for relieving migraines let us know! Migraines can be rough – I’m sure our readers would appreciate the suggestions.

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