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Mountainside Thanks Caregivers

Since November is National Family Caregivers Month, Mountainside Medical Equipment would like to take the time to honor the 42 million Americans who care for a loved one with a chronic condition, disability or the frailties of old age.

Also this week, AARP and the Advertising Council are beginning a new advertising and social media campaign that is specially designed to illustrate the many roles caregivers play and thank them for their assistance.

Being a family caregiver demands respect and appreciation. Being a caregiver can also mean being a companion, entertainer, nurse, doctor, advocate, pharmacist, chauffer and parent, among many other roles! Unfortunately, some associate being a caregiver with negativities such as having lost one’s sense of self. Although it can sometimes be easier to focus on those negativities, you should take this month to recognize the important rewards you have earned since becoming a caregiver!

1.  Personal connection with loved ones

Yes, the day to day can be overwhelming. Between work, cleaning and taking care of yourself it can be easy to lose touch with those around you. What’s a great benefit of being a family caregiver? You get to re-connect with those who have always loved and supported you. Being a caregiver will help you get to know your loved one in a more intimate way which can create a closeness like no other.

2.  New skills gained

As your role as a caregiver matures, you might find yourself doing things you would have never thought you would be doing or ever thought you had the ability to do! These new skills can be very self-empowering. The caregiver role may also help you become more assertive and you may be finding yourself asking for more help due to personal time constraints. Asking for help can be a difficult task for some, so allow these moments to help develop your delegating skills. You may also find that you have learned to manage your time more effectively and you have gained organizational tools that you may not have had previously.

3.  Enhanced sense of self awareness

Being a caregiver can be taxing emotionally and physically. During your time as a caregiver, you might actually surprise yourself at how strong and resilient you really are! During this period of self-discovery, take note of the things that either empower you or just downright frustrate you. Recognize the activities you miss having in your day-to-day routine and then find ways to incorporate them into your schedule. Squeezing your favorite activities into a busy schedule can make them seem more special and valuable to you. Always remember that this time is not strictly devoted to the care of your loved one – allow yourself the opportunity to learn about yourself and grow throughout these new challenges, as well.

To show our appreciation for all that you do, Mountainside would like to extend our “Caregiver Thank You” past the month of November into December. From now until December 31, please enjoy 15% off your entire purchase by using the coupon code WeCare. Enjoy!

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