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How to Choose a Multivitamin

Looking for reasons to take a multivitamin? Even the healthiest eating plans can fall short of meeting all of the 40+ nutrients your body needs each day. Most Americans fall short when trying to meet the dietary recommendations for a variety of reasons such as:

- Strict dieting
- Poor appetite
- Changing nutritional needs
- Less than healthy dietary choices

Taking a vitamin is an easy way to fill in nutritional gaps.

Why take a multivitamin?

Essentially, it is wise to make sure your diet is complete with all of the nutrients needed for health and wellness. Healthy eating still remains the best source for vitamins, minerals and nutrients and it is important to remember that a multivitamin is not a substitute for healthy food or a healthy lifestyle. However, it can provide nutritional back-up for any diet.

How to choose a multivitamin

Read carefully. Product labels show exactly who the vitamin is tailored for. For example, One A Day Womens Prenatal Vitamins is a nutritional supplement designed for the health needs of pregnant women, while Centrum Advanced offers general nutrition for anyone looking for an advanced supplement.

Know your bodily needs. There are many different multivitamins out there to choose from, but as long as you’re fulfilling basic bodily needs you should be good. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to find out what is best for you. Some supplements offer ginseng for extra energy or melatonin for stress relief – if you think your body could benefit from those nutrients, go for it. Otherwise, a general multivitamin is fine for most people.

Check the percentages. Check the % Daily Value on the supplement you choose to make sure it the amount of each vitamin and mineral your body needs each day.

Be consistent. When you first start taking a supplement, it takes about 30 days to really get into your system and doing your body good. After that, your supplement should be taken as directed each and every day consistently in order for your body to get the maximum benefit.

Take it with a meal. Some supplements may be harsh on an empty stomach (it’s a lot of vitamins!). Plan on taking your vitamins with breakfast or lunch to avoid stomach issues.

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