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Easy Check Breath Glucose Meter

Posted on November 14 2013

There is finally some good news for the millions of people who suffer from diabetes and have to endure painful finger pricks on a daily basis to test their blood sugar levels. Right now, a new device is under development that may end this daily routine and offer a non-invasive, pain-free way to read blood glucose levels.

Although the most common form for checking the amount of glucose in the blood of diabetics involves pricking the finger several times per day, PositiveID Corporation (a diabetes management developer) recently partnered with the Diabetes Research Institute for the sole purpose of developing an alternative to modern day testing - Easy Check.

The Easy Check Breath Glucose Meter is a device that can indicate a patient’s glucose levels simply by measuring the amount of acetone on the breath. This ongoing development follows clinical researchers that have shown that the presence of increased levels of acetone in the breath indicates a high level of glucose in the blood.

This highly anticipated patent-pending device simply requires the patient to exhale into a single-use capsule. The device then mixes the exhaled breath of the patient with a chemical compound that triggers a chemical reaction, which in turn allows for the measurement of acetone level. This measurement is then correlated to the level of glucose in the body – and all of this is done within seconds!

According to the developers, this portable device is expected to provide a reading within only 5-7 seconds. It offers the same accuracy as present-day glucometers without the pain associated with frequent finger sticks.

To date, Easy Check has only gone through preliminary breath tests and has been conducted in a research facility outside Tel Aviv, Israel. The company is now working on further testing, calibration and development of the device’s software. The second generation of the prototype is currently under development, leading to a possible FDA submission sometime this year.

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