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Migraines Linked to Nasal Allergies

Do you suffer from nasal allergies, seasonal allergies or hay fever? If the answer is yes, then you probably have rhinitis (nasal membrane inflammation caused by allergies or viruses). If you also suffer from migraines, you may want to track your symptoms to see if keeping one of the ailments in check helps reduce the recurrence of the other. Recent research indicates that there may be a link between your nose and those debilitating migraine headaches.

Throughout the history of migraine studies, the nose is only recently being examined as an important factor in the frequency of debilitating headaches. Research shows that if you have rhinitis you are not only more prone to experiencing greater headache frequency over those suffering from migraines alone, but also circumstances are often worsened if you have “mixed rhinitis” (allergies caused by pet dander and tree pollen, as well as perfume, weather and cigarette smoke).

Unfortunately, experts are unable to pinpoint whether rhinitis causes more frequent headaches, or migraine attacks produce rhinitis symptoms. In any case, whether finding a migraine pain reliever that works for you can help quell your nasal allergy symptoms, or utilizing a quality allergy medication helps reduce your headache frequency, the answer to your health issues may lie in your sniffer!


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