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How To Stay Healthy on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, great food and, of course, giving thanks. However, there are a few other Thanksgiving traditions that often get overlooked – heartburn, indigestion, and that after-dinner fatigue, to name a few. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in your bag this Thanksgiving to help you enjoy your holiday without the heartache (or heartburn, rather).

Prevent Indigestion. Try battling indigestion with a supplement designed to promote a healthy digestive system, like an Acidophilus probiotic, or Ginger tablets. Simply take a dose of either of these before or after you eat to prevent the indigestion that often accompanies a large, diverse meal.

Stop Heartburn. Acid reflux is uncomfortable and the worst time to have it is during a beautiful Thanksgiving feast. Keep a couple of antacids in your pocket this year. Pepto Bismol comes in a great chewable tablet that is easy to carry with you. Also, there are TUMS Freshers tablets designed to quell your upset stomach and freshen your breath at the same time – a definite plus while interacting with family all day!

Stay Cold and Flu Free. Enjoying time with family and friends during the holidays often means spreading germs. Don’t forget to sanitize! Bring some antibacterial hand wipes with you this year. If you’re sick, try using a Flu Prevention Mini Kit to keep others healthy as you enjoy your time together.

Battle Fatigue. You know it’s coming - that after-dinner nap everyone craves on Thanksgiving. If you’re looking to stay more awake, try taking a Ginseng supplement or B-12 vitamins for some extra energy this year.

Stay healthy this holiday season! From our family to yours, Mountainside Medical Equipment would like to wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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