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Does High Cholesterol Increase My Risk of Breast Cancer?

According to researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute, there is a correlation between elevated cholesterol and breast cancer development. It would seem that a bi-product of cholesterol, called 27HC, mimics estrogen which feeds the growth and spread of breast cancer tissues.

Estrogen, as we know, is a normal hormone in the human body and is more dominant in females than in males. However, an elevated level of estrogen can feed breast cancer development. In fact, many commonly used breast cancer treatments target the reduction of estrogen levels or inhibit receptors.

In laboratory studies, both with mice and human breast cancer tissue, there was a direct correlation found between the enzyme that generates 27HC and tumor growth. To date, there was a relationship between obesity, cholesterol, and breast cancer risk but no specifics were known.

What Can I Do?

First, know your risk - find out where your cholesterol levels stand and if you are at risk of negative effects. Talk with your physician or use home cholesterol tests.

Then, take action - elevated cholesterol can be reduced through positive daily habits like a healthy diet and exercise. Additionally, the use of statins can help to reduce the cholesterol.

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