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I'm Obese, But My Vitals Are Good, So I'm OK, Right?

It has long been understood that people could carry additional weight as long as certain metrics, like sugar levels and blood pressure, were all within normal range. However, a longstanding Canadian study has indicated that even if the person is fit, they may not be safe from the threats of obesity.

Researchers at Mt.Sinai Hospital in Toronto have studied the cases of 61,000 individuals for over 50 years and classified them based on a variety of metabolic features including body mass index (BMI), glucose levels, waist circumference, and blood pressure. It was found that though an individual may rank well in overall fitness, excess weight puts them at a greater risk for chronic illness over healthy weight individuals.

Evidence showed that being within normal weight and scoring well is best for wellness. Additional results of the study indicated the following:

1) Those who are both overweight and score poorly on diagnostic tests are at high risk

2) Those who are normal weight but score poorly on diagnostic tests are at risk

3) Those who are overweight, but score well on diagnostic tests are at risk

Individuals are advised to maintain a normal, healthy weight and monitor vital diagnostic data such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and lipid levels for overall wellness. Weight loss, as suggested by researchers, is best performed through healthy diet and exercise regimens.

Are you at risk? Talk to your doctor about your health to ensure that you’re on the right track for health today!

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