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Mindful Meditation Yields Anti-Inflammatory Gene Response

Posted on December 10 2013

When was the last time you meditated? The practice may not be just for yoga anymore. Recent studies show that mindful meditation has a positive effect on gene expression – more specifically those related to pro-inflammatory genes and inflammatory pathways within the body.

The effects of daily mediation were researched in a group of people experienced in meditation, as well as a control group of people untrained in the art of meditation who were asked to perform quiet, non-meditative activities. Results showed that the meditative group experienced a reduction in pro-inflammatory genes, as well as various other positive genetic and molecular changes.

Currently, the American Heart Association advocates the practice of mindful meditation as a preventative measure for those with inflammatory disorders and other conditions. However, this particular study was further proof that the therapeutic effects of a calm mind can have a physical impact on the body.

Taking a time out to meditate can actually affect you positively on the molecular level – why not try it? Taking just a 20 minute break to sit in silence and calm the mind supports numerous health benefits including stress reduction, increased focus, lower blood pressure, and – as shown by this study – a positive change in genes that are the target of many anti-inflammatory medications and analgesic drugs.




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