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Lady Gaga Requests Oxygen Supply for Performance

Medical oxygen has multiple uses - and clearly Lady Gaga is no stranger. Prior to a recent performance in the UK, the 27-year-old pop singer requested supplemental oxygen to help her “calm down” and “de-stress.” before the show (appropriately enough, she was performing at London’s O2 Arena). Apparently, Lady Gaga frequently relies on supplemental oxygen before her shows.

Can a little extra oxygen actually help in this way? Actually, yes. Supplemental oxygen yields many benefits, and is widely used by more than just patients with respiratory needs. Recreational oxygen therapy (a type of therapy not used to treat, prevent or cure disease) provides many benefits to the body, including:

- Reducing fatigue and stress - Improving focus and brain function - Providing energy - Hangover or headache relief - Relieving altitude sickness - Jet lag relief

Supplemental oxygen can help mountain climbers reach great heights, sports athletes perform at optimal levels, and performers relax, and perform at their best.

There are 3 ways one can receive recreational oxygen:  an oxygen concentrator, an oxygen bar (a bar that serves up oxygen like alcohol) or through canned oxygen. Canned oxygen has proven to be very popular – it’s easy to transport, affordable and highly effective.

So, whether you’re battling disease or fatigue and stress like the ever-busy Lady Gaga, a little extra oxygen can go a long way in improving your health, bodily function and overall well being.

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