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New Cerena TMS Migraine Treatment Approved

Do you suffer from debilitating migraines that begin with aura symptoms? It may be time to speak to your doctor about Cerena TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator) – the latest migraine-with-aura treatment approved by the FDA.

What are aura symptoms?

Aura is a term used to describe a variety of sensory symptoms experienced by migraine sufferers before the headache begins. Many migraine sufferers take this phase as a warning, and prepare for the debilitating migraine headache that is sure to follow accordingly. Symptoms can include:

- Numbness or tingling

- Visual/auditory disturbances or hallucinations

- Smell distortion

- Flashing zigzag patterned lights.

Oftentimes, migraine-with-aura sufferers don’t find relief from pain medications, so researchers have been searching for another option.

How can Cerena TMS help?

This is the first handheld device proven to help stop or mask the headache pain. Received through a doctor’s prescription, the patient holds this device to the back of their head near the occipital nerve area while pressing a remote control to activate magnetic electrical impulses.

The purpose of the device is to transmit the impulses to the occipital nerve in order to help relieve the pain. During the study, participants report being pain free 2 hours after treatment, while others reported staying free of debilitating headache pain for a full 2 days following treatment.

Researchers report that while there were unconfirmed reports of sinusitis, aphasia and vertigo, there are no major side effects associated with Cerena TMS usage. They also caution that this device is not for those under age 18, who suffer from epilepsy, those with a family history of seizures, or those with metal devices in the head, neck or upper body areas.
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