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Manufacturers Now Required to Prove Antibacterial Soap Claims

Millions use antibacterial soap at home, in schools and medical facilities under the premise that it safely kills unwanted germs to help stop the spread of infection. Unfortunately, there is currently no concrete data to support that claim. Manufacturers have yet to be required to submit studies and data to the FDA proving that their product does in fact safely and effectively posses antibacterial benefits.

Additionally, some ingredients currently found in antibacterial labeled soaps and body washes have been found to be harmful after long-term exposure. Two such ingredients include triclosan in liquid soaps and triclocarban in bar soaps, which encompass about 2,000 products total on the market today. Those particular ingredients have been found to create a resistance to bacteria and yield some hormonal effects in humans.

It is because of chemicals like triclosan that prompted the FDA to put manufacturers’ antibacterial claims to the test. June 2014 is the target deadline for the rule, and manufacturers will have the 6 months following to submit data and studies supporting antibacterial product efficacy.


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