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Vitamin E and Hope for Slowing the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

While there are still no cures or treatments that could reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s, there is new hope emerging for preventing and slowing the progression of the disease. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that those who took a daily supplement of vitamin E showed a slowed progression of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Participants taking a daily regimen of vitamin E were able to care for themselves longer, having a delayed loss of function and memory by an average of 6 months (in comparison to those taking a placebo or the FDA approved Alzheimer’s drug called memantine). Anyone who has Alzheimer’s, who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s, or is a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s can attest, “any delay in the rate of progression is meaningful and important,” as was said Maurice W. Dysken, who is lead author of the study. While there are many benefits to taking a daily vitamin E supplement, slowing and delaying the progression of Alzheimer’s and its symptoms is just one of the latest health benefits discovered. So don’t delay… get your vitamin E supplements today!   Source:
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