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Increasing Dietary Fiber Intake May Help Prevent Asthma

Over the years, experts have noted that the number of asthma cases, a lung disease characterized by inflammation that causes narrowing of the airways with wheezing and shortness of breath, has been rising, especially in the developing world where more and more people are eating processed foods instead of fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.   A new study conducted by researchers in Switzerland shows promising results suggesting that diets enriched with soluble fiber may reduce inflammation in the lungs, and therefore help prevent asthma.

How can you increase your soluble fiber intake?   Make sure your consuming your fruits and vegetables, which are packed full of soluble fiber. Have a picky eater in the house that refuses to eat their fruits and vegetables? Try a daily supplement that is fortified with fiber.   While future studies still need to be conducted in order to validate these results, an immunologist with the University of Lausanne, Benjamin Marsland, explains that “until recently, asthma was virtually unknown in nations where people eat a lot of fiber.”   Source:

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