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Nipro Truebalance and TrueTrack Blood Glucose Meters Recalled

Nipro Diagnostics has initiated a recall on their Truebalance and Truetrack blood glucose meters. The reason cited was that a factory set unit of measure was incorrectly set in some meters. Not all of these models are affected, but should you have one, Nipro has setup a page to check the serial number to be sure.   What if I have a Nipro Blood Glucose Meter?   If your glucose monitor is a Nipro Truebalance or Truetrack, the manufacturer has asked that you go to to check the serial number to verify that it is not affected. They have also made available a toll-free number of 866-236-4518.  Are all Nipro Glucose Monitors affected?   No. The True2go, Trueresult, Trueread, and Sidekick have not been affected by the recall.
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