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Bedbugs Grow Faster in Groups

In the January issue of the Journal of Medical Entomology, researchers disclosed that bed bugs developed faster in groups than when alone. This phenomenon was known in other breeds of insects, such a cockroaches, grasshoppers, and crickets, but North CarolinaStateUniversity researchers found it is the same for bedbugs.


During the study, bedbug nymphs were observed developing 2 days (7.3%) faster in groups than they did when they were isolated. However, as of yet, the mechanism for why this occurs has not been identified.


Interestingly, for the increased growth rate to occur, it was not even essential for adults to exist within the group. This means that it is not necessarily a result of the teaching or strength found in an older generation.


What this means is that an infestation does not require adult bedbugs and can grow extremely rapidly, even with a group of just the eggs alone.


As bedbug infestations have become more prevalent and can be particularly problematic, it is important to address these issues early and completely.


A few tips for preventing bedbugs:

**When traveling and staying at hotels, before unpacking your luggage conduct an inspection of the room, examining things like the mattress and linens, edges of the box spring, headboard, carpets, etc, looking for any evidence of bedbugs

**Periodically inspect luggage and other personal items

**Wash and dry all clothing and bedding on the hottest settings available. If you think there might be bedbugs on your clothing, separate the contaminated laundry into plastic bags and wash immediately with high heat settings. Also, try not to undress on carpet or next to furniture that the bedbugs could hideout in.

**Use a vacuum to help remove bedbugs from items that can’t be laundered. If possible, use a brush to scrub locations that bedbugs could hideout in, such as along the seams and folds on luggage. (Dispose of vacuum contents in a sealed bag placed outside of the house.)

**Use extra caution when bringing used furniture and/or clothing into the house. Take the time to conduct an inspection looking for evidence of bedbugs. Any used clothing should be washed immediately. (It is also recommended that bringing home used mattress be avoided.)



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