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Lower Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability

Research looking into the conditions that cause work-related disability worldwide has revealed that of nearly 300 conditions, lower back pain is the most likely culprit. Globally, research indicates that nearly one in every 10 people suffers from lower back pain. It appears that low back pain does not discriminate between race, sex, or economic status.   Most cases of lower back pain are nonspecific, and can manifest due to a variety of causes including: - Aging - Manual labor - Fitness level - Stress - Depression   Studies published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases indicate that though there is variance, lower back pain is extremely prevalent around the globe.   Percentages of the population affected include: - 15% of the population of Western Europe - 14.8% of North Africa and the Middle East - 7.7% of North America - 6.6% of Central Latin America - 6.5% of the Caribbean   Interestingly, research reviewed from 187 countries around the world over the last two decades indicate that one-third of work related disability is due to lower back pain. However, medical professionals indicate that by maintaining core strength and flexibility, much of this can be alleviated.   Source:
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