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Eczema May Be a Life-Long Condition

Eczema, which is a skin condition that tends to affect young children, is characterized by sensitive skin that is more apt to frequent inflammation, infections, and allergies. Previously it has been though that eczema was a condition that children would grow out of as they age, although new research findings are contradicting this school of thought.   According to a recent study published on April 2nd in the online journal JAMA Dermatology, researchers have discovered that childhood eczema may last longer than previously thought. After reviewing the cases and histories of over 7100 children with eczema, most of whom started showing eczema symptoms by the time they reached 2 years of age, researchers found that eczema is a condition that may continue plaguing children until they are well into their 20’s, and can even continue throughout the course of their entire lifespan and can flare-up at anytime, without any notice (although researchers do say that high levels of stress seem to trigger and exacerbate eczema symptoms).   With only 20% of childhood eczema cases clearing up before the age of 26 and there not being any cures for the condition, eczema is a rather difficult therapeutic challenge, say medical professionals and researchers. Hence, it’s extremely important for those with eczema to remain extra diligent in practicing proper skin care regimens and being able to limit the amount of stress in their lives. Mountainside Medical Equipment has developed a section of their website designed to health resources designed to help educate the public about skin conditions, such as eczema, and provides tips regarding what types of products and techniques are available for treating eczema. Check out Mountainside Medical Equipment’s comprehensive line of skin care products designed to help eczema sufferers treat, manage, and prevent eczema breakouts and see which products might work best for you.   Source:
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