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Rain, Rain, Go Away So My Arthritis Pain Will Fade Away

Does this sound like a familiar tune to you? If you are an arthritis sufferer if probably does. While it may not be true that people can predict the weather based on their aches and pains, recent reports released by John Hopkins University indicate that weather can have a definite impact on an individuals pain levels.


In order to examine if there is a relationship between the weather and arthritis pain researchers had 151 people keep a journal for a year, noting their pain symptoms and what the weather conditions were like. The study’s findings reveled that:


* Those with rheumatoid arthritis were affected by high humidity and high pressure

* Those with osteoarthritis were affected by high humidity

* Those with fibromyalgia were affected by high pressure


While experts are still unclear on the exact mechanisms as to how weather changes cause arthritis symptoms to get worse, the general thought seems to be that a drop in the air pressure can cause swelling and inflammation in the body’s tissues, causing already inflamed arthritic tissues to swell even more and possibly push on the muscles and nerves, causing an increase in pain levels and possibly joint stiffness.


Experts also indicate that the weather doesn’t affect the progression of arthritic conditions, although it can cause flare-ups and can affect arthritis symptoms. Researchers also point out that no matter what type of climate arthritis sufferers live in, they all still suffer with arthritis pain; therefore experts warn that moving to a different climate might not mean an escape from arthritis aches and pains.


But don’t worry, Mountainside Medical Equipment has you covered! We offer a wide range of products that are designed to help manage and relieve arthritis symptoms– from oral and topical pain relievers, to hot/cold packs, Tens Units, pain relief patches, vitamins and supplements, supports and braces, and a variety of different daily living aids that are all designed to help improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers and make life just a little bit easier. Browse through and see what might work best for you.



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