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Arthritis – Fall Risks & Prevention Tips

In addition to learning to manage and cope with the persistent daily pain caused by arthritis, it is also important for arthritis sufferers to learn how to reduce their risks of falling and adapt to their limitations. Studies conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have revealed that adults who have arthritis are more than twice as likely to suffer a fall injury than adults without arthritis, and adults over the age of 45 had the greatest risks for fall injuries. Falls can be dangerous and have the potential to cause serious, and even life-threatening, injuries. Thankfully, falls are preventable and there are steps that can be taken to help reduce your risks of falling, even for those living with arthritis.   Fall Prevention Tips: Experts emphasize that the best way to reduce your risks of falling, especially for those with arthritis, is exercising and strength training, or physical therapy, with the goal of improving your strength, balance, stability, and reflexes.   In addition to improving your strength and agility, keeping your home and yard maintained can also help reduce your fall risks. Making sure things like the rails are sturdy and the walkways are clear can help increase your safety. For more tips on preventing falls in the home check out this great Fall Prevention Checklist.   Arthritis is a chronic condition affecting millions of Americans. Understanding that exercising and staying active can be a challenge for those with arthritis, Mountainside Medical Equipment has a dedicated a whole category of their website to a comprehensive selection of products that are designed to help ease arthritis symptoms, make performing daily tasks easier, and help improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers. We also offer a wide selection of exercise and fitness products, as well as a complete line of fall prevention products to help ensure your safety. Browse through our website today and see what might work best for you!   Sources:
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