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National CPR/AED Awareness Week – Saving More Lives

In light of June 1st - 7th being National CPR and AED awareness week, why not consider getting CPR certified? CPR training and certification provides the education, skills, and confidence to take action and saves lives during emergency situations.


Why should you get certified?

The most obvious reason, to be able to save lives; statistics illustrate that 88% of cardiac arrests occur while the individual is at home, which means that life that you save with “the gift of CPR”, as one recent CPR recipient now refers to it, is most likely to be the life of someone that you know and love. Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at anytime, even to those who are healthy, have no prior history of heart diseases, or any other risk factors.


Considering that fact that immediately administering CPR can double or even triple an individual’s chance of survival, its rather alarming that 68% of cardiac arrest victims aren’t given CPR by bystanders.


Who should learn CPR?

Everyone! Whether you think you have what it takes to save someone else’s life or not, you’ll never know until you’re faced with a life or death situation. Don’t be a part of the 70% of Americans that report feeling helpless when faced with a cardiac arrest and/or feeling partially responsible for a loved ones death because they didn’t know how to perform CPR. A 2009 Australian study concluded that even children as young as 9 years old can and should learn CPR.


Think you don’t have the time to learn CPR? You might be surprised to find out that many CPR classes can be completed within just a few hours. Think certification is too expensive? Try shopping around a little. Afraid of getting sued? They are Good Samaritan laws in place to protect people who perform CPR. Think you’re family is healthy so won’t need to know CPR? Guess again, cardiac arrests can occur for a variety of reasons and can happen to anyone at anytime.


Want to get certified?

Making the decision to get certified could end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, enabling you to be able to take action and save the life of someone you know. There are many clubs and organizations that offer CPR training and certifications. Your local chapter of the American Heart Association or American Red Cross would be happy to provide you with more information and a list of courses available in your area.


Don’t delay… Learn CPR today!

Mountainside Medical Equipment offers a wide selection of CPR Masks and Supplies that are designed to help make manual resuscitation easier and more effective, provide protection for those administering and receiving CPR, and assist with CPR trainings. Browse through our selection of CPR masks and face shield barriers, CPR kits, training posters, training manikins, portable resuscitation systems, and emergency oxygen units today.



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