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Getting the Most Out Of Your Heartburn Medication

According to a recent study published in the June issue of The American Journal of Gastroenterology, two-thirds of heartburn sufferers who use over-the-counter acid-reducing heartburn medications actually aren’t taking them correctly. When taken properly, over-the-counter proton pump inhibitor heartburn medications, like Nexium 24HR and Prilosec, are very effective for treating and managing frequent heartburn symptoms; but when taken improperly they aren’t nearly as effective in combating symptoms.


Experts emphasize that in order to obtain optimal results from many heartburn medications they need to be taken before breakfast, explaining that most heartburn medications aren’t activated unless they are taken with foods that cause the stomach to make acid – like eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, or even drinking a cup of coffee. Proton pump inhibitor medications work by shutting off the acid-producing proton pumps in the stomach, but in order to do that the person taking the medication needs to eat something that stimulates/activates the medication.


Even though it’s been a long-known fact that these medications need to be taken with breakfast and the boxes have always been labeled as such, its surprising that so many people still aren’t taking them correctly. When taken incorrectly it’s a waste of the medication, a waste of your money, and you’ll still end up having to suffer through your heartburn symptoms.


Ensure that you’ll get the most out of your heartburn medications by taking them before you eat breakfast!


Helping you get back to feeling more like yourself again and being able to enjoy the foods and drinks you love, Mountainside Medical Equipment offers a wide selection of products for treating and managing heartburn and acid reflux disease. Browse through today and see what might work best for you!



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