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Do You Get Sexual Headaches?

According to an Illinois neurologist, the onset of headaches during sex might actually be more common than one might think. As a headache specialist, Dr. Jose Biller from the LoyolaUniversityMedicalCenter explains, sexual headaches tend to be about three times more common in men than they are in women; and they can vary in severity, ranging from mild to rather severe. According to researchers, sexual headaches can be broken down into three different categories:


Types of Sexual Headaches:

*Dull headaches, which tend to resemble tension headaches, originate in the head in the neck before the orgasm and becoming more severe with the progression of sexual arousal.


*Thunderclap headaches, which tend to be extremely painful and intense, start during the orgasm and can last for hours.


*After sex headaches, which occur after the orgasm, can range from being mild to severely painful and tend to get worse once the individual stands up.



Dr. Biller also notes that although only about 1 percent of adults report getting headaches during sex, many people are either too embarrassed or they don’t think to tell their doctors about the headaches they get during sexual activity/arousal, and many physicians simply don’t think to ask.


Want to enjoy sexual activities without risking suffering from headaches? Stock up on your over-the-counter pain relievers, which you can conveniently order through our website. Browse through the headaches section of our website today and see what products might work best for you. Experts also emphasize that things like exercising, weight control, limiting alcohol intake, and even counseling can be effective preventative measures for avoiding sexual headaches.



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