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Remedies for Soothing Teething Babies

While it is fine for adults to use oral anesthetics when we have oral/dental pains, experts are urging parents to avoid using these local anesthetics on their teething babies and instead turn to other safer alternatives.


Instead of using oral anesthetics on teething babies, experts (like Hari Cheryl Sachs, M.D. & FDA pediatrician) are urging parents to use cool teething rings or a clean, wet, cool washcloth that they can chew on…explaining that the coolness of these objects closely mimics the action of local anesthetics, numbing the gums and dulling the nerves that transmit pain.


Non-medicated teething remedies:

-- Massaging baby’s gums with your clean finger
-- Refrigerated teething rings, pacifiers, spoons, etc.
-- Clean, wet, cool washcloths
-- Frozen bagels, waffles, bananas, etc.
-- Celery


For infants over 4 months of age who don’t seem to be getting enough relief from chewing on cold teething products or washcloths, etc, the HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic Spray can provide fast-acting relief to help soothe your child’s sore teething gums. It has virtually no systemic absorption, no artificial colors added, and a great tasting wild cherry flavor. *Please note that experts advise that if parents wish to use oral anesthetics on their teething baby they should consult with their healthcare provider and use them under their advice and supervision. Experts from the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics are reminding parents that over-the-counter oral analgesics and teething gels can carry serious side effects and should only be used on young children with extreme caution and guidance.


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