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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Don’t Let Minor Cuts and Scrapes Interfere With Summer Fun!

Along with summer fun often comes minor cuts and scrapes. It’s pretty much inevitable that at some point you or someone you know will incur a minor wound this summer. When you know how to treat a minor wound and stop the bleeding it doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your plans. According to the Mayo Clinic, wounds that are more than ¼ inch deep, gaping, gagged, or squirting blood usually require stitches. For other more minor wounds, following the guidelines below can help ensure that the wounds heal quickly and without getting infected.   -- Be prepared by always having a fully stocked first-aid kit on hand and ready to use! -- Stop the bleeding: Use a clean cloth or bandage to apply pressure to the wound for 20-30 minutes. Elevating the wound over the heart can also help stop the bleeding. -- Clean the wound: Rinse the wound with clean water. If dirt and debris remain in the wound, try using a product like the Neosporin Foaming Wound Cleanser for Kids or the Simply Saline Plus 3-in-1 Wound Wash Antiseptic Cleanser to wash away dirt and debris. If debris still remains, see your doctor. -- Apply an antibiotic ointment, like Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Antibiotic Ointment, to the wound to help create a healthier moist healing environment and promote a faster healing time and help avoid infections. -- Cover the wound with clean and sterile bandages. Make sure the dressings get changed daily or anytime the get wet/dirty. -- Keep an eye out for signs of developing infections, such as redness, increasing pain, drainage, warmth, and/or swelling. -- Stay up to date on your tetanus shots… if you get a deep wound and your last shot was more than 5 years ago, it might a good idea to get a booster shot.   Remember, a good rule to go by is ‘when in doubt, get it checked out’. If the wound is deep, squirting out blood, won’t stop bleeding, or seems like it might need further treatment, a visit to the ER might be prudent. For all your minor wounds, Mountainside Medical Equipment offers a wide array of wound care and first-aid supplies, as well as fully stocked first-aid kits. Browse through the wound care section of our website today.   Sources:
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