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Cold Sore Virus Remains Active Even Without Symptoms

Contrary to previous beliefs, researchers in Australia have recently determined that the cold sore virus (the herpes simplex type 1 virus) is still active even when there are no symptoms of a cold sore. Initially, it was believed that when a patient stopped showing the signs and symptoms of a cold sore outbreak that the virus had gone into a dormant state of inactivity.


In order to conduct the new study, which was published July 24th in PLOS Pathogens, Australian researchers analyzed the activity levels of the cells and viruses. In order to determine which of the cells were infected with the active cold sore virus, researchers genetically modified the cells so that the cells that were infected would turn a yellow color, even when the virus was inactive.


According to David Tscharke, associate professor in the Research School of Biology at AustralianNationalUniversity, the researchers anticipated that they would find no activity in the dormant cells. However, to their surprise, this study revealed that there is actually constant activity within the infected cells and that the cells of people who are infected with the virus are constantly working to keep the virus at bay. Researchers also noted that there were varying levels of viral activity within the cells, with some people having more of the virus gene turned on than others; which researchers say might help explain why some people develop cold sores more frequently than others.


Tscharke also explains that these study findings are significant not only because they help provide a better understanding into the way that the cold sore virus functions, but because they can also help researchers find more effective treatments to help the cells win the ongoing battle to keep the cold sore virus at bay.


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