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Preparing For A Healthy & Successful College Experience

It's August now, which means that before we know it school will be back in session and many students will be heading off to college very soon. As you begin to think about all the things that need to be done before moving into the dorm-life, don’t forget to think about your health.


Packing for college can seem overwhelming for many people. Using this guide will help ensure that you or your child will have everything they need to stay healthy while they are away at college. Having a few basic medical supplies on hand can help make it easier to treat a variety of unexpected ailments; ranging from dealing with extra stress and adapting to your new schedule, to personal hygiene needs, to treating an upset stomach, headache, a cold, and minor cuts, scrapes, or burns. Remember, when you’re away at college mom and dad probably won’t be there to wait on you when you get sick, need a band-aid, or run out of tampons. Being prepared now can help alleviate a lot of stress later on.


-- Vitamins & Supplements As you and your body adapt to your new college life, a change in sleeping patterns, following a new diet, and dealing with the many stresses/demands of college life, making vitamins and supplements a part of your daily regimen can help provide a little extra boost to help keep you healthy, focused, and feeling your best


-- Personal Hygiene Supplies Make sure to pack any personal hygiene products you might need, including your showering and bathing supplies, facial cleanser, feminine hygiene products (if you're female), contacts case/solution (if you wear contacts), dental care products, nail care supplies, and anything else you can think of


-- Disinfectant Supplies Taking steps to reduce your exposure to germs and bacteria is another great way to help yourself stay healthier. Use hand soaps and hand sanitizers to help keep your hands nice and clean. Use disinfectant sprays and wipes to clean and disinfect the surfaces surrounding you, including door knobs, light switches, anything else that is frequently touched


-- Over-the-Counter Medications Don’t wait until you get a severe headache, an upset stomach, heartburn, or a nasty cold to wish you had medications to take. Stocking up now can help alleviate some of the stress when you get sick.


-- Specialty Items – If you have any prescription medications you take make sure that you pack them and have figured out how you’re going to get them refilled while you’re away at college. If you have any medical conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, or eczema, you’ll also want to make sure you have everything that you might need for treating and managing your condition


-- First-Aid Supplies/Kits Having a first-aid kit on hand can be very useful. You can stock your own kit or get a kit that comes fully loaded for you. Having a first-aid kit means you’ll be prepared for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, splinters, insect bites, skin irritations, and much more. A few supplies that might come in handy include: gauze, tape and bandages, wound cleanser and antibiotic cream, topical itch relief products, Benadryl, tweezers, thermometer, ace bandage, and an instant cold pack


Although most college campuses do have campus health centers, being prepared to treat minor wounds and ailments can help make college life go a little bit smoother. College can be a lot of fun, but you don’t want to end up being that annoying roommate that is constantly sick or is always asking for a band-aid, Advil, or Tums. Taking a little time now to make sure you’ve packed everything you might need is a great way to prepare for a successful college experience.

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