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At-Home Remedies to Relieve Hemorrhoid Symptoms

If they weren’t too embarrassed to talk about it, anyone who has had hemorrhoids before would tell you just how excruciatingly painful and irritating they can be. Any kind of medical issues that we have going on in our pelvic and rectal areas have a tendency to make many people feel embarrassed. They are often too embarrassed to admit that they have an issue going on and they are too embarrassed to be able to talk about them (even with the sworn confidentiality of their doctor). Because they aren’t commonly talked about, many people don’t realize that by age 30 more than half of the population has experienced at least one or more hemorrhoid symptoms.


Hemorrhoids are a common ailment that can cause mild to severe pain and discomfort, bleeding, and itching in the anal or rectal area. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins surrounding the anus or rectum get swollen, which can occur as a result of chronic straining to pass bowel movements, diarrhea, tenesmus, or even sitting on the toilet for long periods of time while trying to defecate. Many pregnant women and new mothers commonly experience hemorrhoids.


More often than not hemorrhoids can be treated easily, when they are brought to the attention of a healthcare provider. In a recent article analyzing the office evaluation and treatment of hemorrhoids, published in the Journal of Family Practice online, researchers found that only about 10% of hemorrhoid patients require surgical procedures to alleviate their hemorrhoid symptoms. There are a number of different at-home remedies that have proven to help treat and relieve hemorrhoids. However, hemorrhoids do have a tendency to be a chronic problem. When patients try to ignore the issue and “hope that it just goes away on its own” the problem often worsens over time. No matter how minor or severe you think your hemorrhoids might be it is important to face the embarrassment and talk to your doctor about the issue. If you are too embarrassed to talk about your symptoms, try writing them down for the doctor. Remember that your doctor is there to help you, but in order to do that they need to know about all of your symptoms, no matter how embarrassing they may seem. In addition to conducting an examination to determine the prognosis of your condition and rule out any other potential issues that might be going on, your doctor will probably recommend trying a combination of techniques for symptomatic relief. Depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids your doctor may also recommend an in-office procedure.


At-Home Remedies to Relieve Hemorrhoid Symptoms:


-- Topical creams and ointments

There are a variety of topical creams and ointments, like the Preparation H Totables Cream and the Recticare Anorectal Cream with 5% Lidocaine, that can be used to provide soothing relief while helping relieve some of the swelling and inflammation.


-- Suppositories

Suppositories, like the Tucks Internal Soother Hemorrhoidal Suppositories, can provide superior and longer-lasting relief. They help coat and protect the already inflamed tissue, relieve discomfort, and reduce bowel movement pain.


-- Stool Softeners

Using over-the-counter stool softeners, like Colace or Dulcolax, can help make it easier and less painful to pass bowel movements while one has hemorrhoids. Stool softeners also help prevent straining, which helps prevent hemorrhoids from developing in the first place.


-- Use a sitz bath

Sitz baths are great for easing the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. They can be used with plain water or a medicated solution. In addition providing soothing relief, sitz baths also help keep the area clean, which helps promote a healthier healing process.


-- Lifestyle and dietary changes

Making certain lifestyle and dietary changes, like drinking more water and consuming more fiber-rich foods, can help prevent hemorrhoids.


Don’t suffer in silence! Talk to your doctor about any issues that you might be having and find symptomatic relief by checking out the selection of hemorrhoid relief products that are available online from Mountainside Medical Equipment. Browse through today and see which products might work best for you.



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