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Using UV-C Light To Fight The Spread Of Diseases

While hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been using UV-C light (also known as ultraviolet-C light) to help clean and disinfect their facilities for quite awhile now, more recent technological advancements have made some UV-C air sanitizers more affordable and available to home consumers as well. UV-C Room Air Sanitizers, like the ones from Integrity Healthcare, have been clinically proven to kill over 99% of airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses…and they do so without the use of any chemicals or scrubbing! Great for those with asthma, allergies, and any other respiratory or immune system problems, these units also kill airborne mold spores and dust mites while helping reduce odors from things like mildew, smoke, pet areas, cooking, and more.


These units are especially great to have around during cold and flu season. Each time someone coughs or sneezes their germs are released into the air for everyone else to breathe in. When using a UV-C room air sanitizer those germs get sucked into the unit and are exposed to the UV-C light (which penetrates the thin walls of the germs and viruses and kills the germs by altering their structure) and then the clean air is released back out into the room for everyone to breathe. They are safe to use around children and animals, most units use less energy than a standard light bulb, and many units use a special type of UV-C bulb that doesn’t produce ozone. Place one in the office at work to help keep you and your coworkers healthy, use it at home to help keep the whole family feeling their best, and take it along when you’re travelling to ensure that the air you’re breathing in your hotel room is germ free. They are also great for using in conference centers and meeting halls, schools, daycare centers, and more.


In fact, UV-C light has proven to be such an effective disinfectant that 2 “bug-killing robots” (as they are referred to in an Aug 21st article published in Medical News Today) have been sent to Liberian hospitals to help disinfect facilities that are treating Ebola patients. These robots, known as the TRU-D SmartUVC (which stands for Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfector), use innovative Sensor 360 technology to analyze their surroundings, calculate the room parameters, and then emit a lethal dose of UV-C light that renders viruses (like the Ebola virus) inactive so they can no longer replicate, spread, or infect anyone. Since being diligent about disinfecting and safely handling any potentially contaminated materials is critical to controlling and preventing the Ebola outbreak from continuing to spread, experts anticipate that these machines will be a huge benefit to the patients and healthcare workers that are caring for those with the Ebola virus.


Numerous studies, including those funded by the CDC’s Epicenters Program, have been conducted and have reached unanimous conclusions confirming the claims that UV-C light is a validated method of automated no-touch disinfection that effectively kills 99% of germs and viruses.



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