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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

5 Ways to Make Living With Pets Easier

In addition to making great companions, pets make a great addition to the family. In fact, many studies have revealed that having pets can even provide a number of different health benefits! Here at Mountainside Medical Equipment we understand how important pets are. As much as we love our pets, sometimes potty training them can get frustrating, they can produce foul odors, and chasing the dog around the house to find out where he’s been hiding his pills can get old. Using these 5 products – underpads, the VitaCarry Pill Crusher, a UV-C Room Air Sanitizer, the Reacher with a Rotating Claw, and Bag Balm – can help make living with pets all that more enjoyable.

Underpads Underpads, which were intended to be used protect furniture and bedding from incontinence and urinary leakage under humans, also make great liners for pet cages and are very to have on hand when potty training young puppies. They are highly absorbent, disposable, come in a wide range of sizes, and they are much more effective than just using a pile of newspaper.

VitaCarry Pill CrusherGetting pets to take pills can be more challenging than getting kids to take pills! The VitaCarry Pill Crusher gently crushes pills into a fine powder that can be added to foods or beverages, making it easier to sneak medications into your pet’s food (or your child’s food). Aren’t you getting tired of chasing your dog around to see if they are going to spit their pill(s) back out?

UV-C Room Air Sanitizers Is someone in the house allergic to pet dander? Using a UV-C Room Air Sanitizer significantly reduces the presence of animal dander in the air! These units are also great for reducing the odors produced by cages and litter boxes, wet pet smells, and other pet related odors. Does your dog have worse gas than your husband? Try using a UV-C Room Air Sanitizer.

Reacher with Rotating Claws – Especially as we age, keeping up with our pets can become more challenging. Is your dog constantly leaving his toys at your feet? Does your cat keep losing their toys under the couch? Using the Reacher with Rotating Claws makes it easier to grab the dog’s toys from the floor or reach under a table without killing your knees and hurting your back each time.

Bag Balm – In addition to being a favorite among humans for over 100 years now, bag balm also works great on pets! Whether your dog/cat has dry sore paws or itchy dry skin, you and your horses get saddle sores from horseback rides, or the cow’s udders need protection, bag balm provides soothing and healing relief as it moisturizes dry, cracked, itchy skin conditions.

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