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Colorectal Cancer Screening Programs

The nation's second leading cause of death, Colorectal Cancer, still goes largely undiagnosed in the medical community and continues to be of concern. In response, government funded projects to increase awareness, intervention, and screening have been tested in a number of states. It was found that the additional funding helped increase the percentage of individuals being screened, and the early diagnosis of potential risks.


Given early screening, removal of precancerous polyps can delay or prevent colon cancer deaths. However, research has found that the many of the at risk population has never been screened whether they were insured, underinsured, or uninsured. Colorectal cancer screening is recommended for all adults age 50-75, and may be recommended for others based on health and family history. Early detection has been proven to reduce the number of resultant deaths.


Over the last 5 years, the CDC has provided $95 million in funding to 29 states for providing early intervention and screenings. According to a review of the Colorectal Cancer Control Program, those who received the funding were more likely to provide early intervention, and as a result, screenings.


Awareness and intervention regarding Colorectal Cancer includes the promotion and distribution of educational materials, consultations, and of course, screenings. In the states that received funding for these initiatives, patients and providers were more likely to be educated regarding the condition, screening, and treatment.

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