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Shortage of Saline Affects Emergency Care

Across the U.S., medical facilities and first responders continue to be affected by a shortage of I.V. fluids. Theses fluids are a common part of medical care to aid in re-hydration, administration of medication, and a variety of other medical purposes. Unfortunately, dwindling supplies and production continue to add to the scarcity, and the costs.


Serious shortages of I.V. fluids began roughly a year ago and continue to plague the medical community. The decreased availability of these solutions is attributed to factors including reduced manufacturing and more stringent safety regulation. As a result, basic supplies are losing ground to other consumables.


Unfortunately, what a shortage of I.V. solutions means is that basic medical care, and in particular emergency services, are strained by a lack of supply. In the event that supplies are available, they are significantly more costly than in prior years. This is making it more difficult for healthcare providers and EMS services to provide a minimum level of care to patients.

There is currently no indication that manufacturing of these intravenous fluids will return to the levels seen in prior years. As a result, many facilities must ration available supplies and implement other methods of caring for patients that require I.V. fluids.

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