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Gut Bacteria Linked to Obesity

A recent study published in the journal Cell has identified a potential link between disruptions of the circadian clock and gut microbes that can trigger obesity. This may explain why second irregular schedules and travel are more likely to cause weight gain.


The Circadian clock is the natural body rhythm that is cycled in sync with the 24 hour clock. This natural rhythm aids in regulation of systems including rest, digestion, and nutrient assimilation. It was found that there are distinct variances among individuals who do not strictly adhere to common day/night hours.


Like most natural systems, the digestive system produces certain bacteria in rhythm with this circadian clock. It was found among individuals of alternate schedules that there was an abundance of certain types of bacteria. The bacteria identified shares a commonly known with obesity.


The findings from this study indicate the possibility of therapies that utilize probiotics and antimicrobials to treat obesity and related complications.

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