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CDC Business Flu Toolkit

The CDC has committed extensive resources to help businesses control the effects of influenza on the workforce. According to recommendations, preventing transmission of the flu virus is the most effective method for reducing the business impact, and thus the economic effect on the country as a whole.


Each year, between 5-20% of the U.S. population becomes infected with the flu virus, hospitalizing tens of thousands, and killing thousands. Influenza costs including treatment and lost earnings can total over $25 billion annually. The workforce, falling mostly between the ages of 18-64, accounts for approximately 60% of flu cases.


In anticipation of the 2014 flu season, the CDC is ramping up efforts to arm businesses with the tools, knowledge, and support to reduce the economic impact of influenza. The development of a CDC Business Toolkit provides resources for promoting annual flu vaccination in addition to information regarding treatments and reducing transmission. Other support materials offered include questions and answers regarding vaccination, flu activity by state, and other links to provide comprehensive support.


Business can start to take action to reduce the effects of influenza by:

- Encouraging vaccination

- Preventing the spread of the virus

- Leading by example

- Staying informed


Find more information regarding the flu and the CDC Business Flu Toolkit at

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